Careers at Sawyer's

Since 1993 our team of employees has directly attributed to our success with their work performance and high level of skills

We are always looking for dedicated employees whom have the skill, ability and passion for our industry.

Basic Qualifications Include

Valid class 5 driver’s license

First Aid/CPR Training

Advanced Qualifications Include

Fall Safety

Chainsaw Safety

Basic Climbing/Advanced Climbing

Landscape Division

Includes Landscape Management, Special Projects, and Snow & Ice Management Services.

Graduated Driver’s License Endorsements G, 1A, Air brakes

Knowledge of Hardscaping, Softscaping, Irrigation

Education for Horticulture, Landscaping and Design is an asset

How to get hired

Generally we hire many summer personnel for lawn cutting and general yard maintenance.

Submit your resume before May 15th for your best chance to join our team.

In the fall, we primarily hire personnel for casual/on-call snow shovellers, and equipment operators.

Submit your resume before October 1st for your best chance to join our team

Other times of the year, please send us your resume, or check Kijiji.

We keep all resumes on file for six (6) months. However, we only contact those whom we wish to meet with.

Other positions in our company include


CRM/Dispatch Receptionist

Administrative Assistant

Accounting Technician


Safety Officer

Shop Foreman

Shop Mechanic

Landscaping Division

Landscape Manager

Landscape Foreman

Landscape Lead Hand

Landscape Labourer

Landscape Designer

Landscape Estimator

Irrigation Technician

Snow Shovellers

Equipment Operator

Trees Division

Trees Division Manager

Arborist Foreman (ISA Certified)

Arborist Foreman in Training (Lead Hand)

Arborist in Training (Labourer)

Sales – Tree Services

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