Frequently Asked Questions

When will the estimator do my estimate?

Usually they will call within one day and estimate in 2 days (in same city).

If Estimate is required out of town and we need to travel?

A. We will be in the area in the next few weeks, we will call before we come.

B. Ask if they can send pictures of the trees/shrubs and we can quote them that way.

How long will it be before they come to do the work?

Same City: We normally book 4 – 10 days from the time the job is confirmed. It could be sooner if we have cancellations. If we need to cancel than it will be rescheduled the next available day.  Usually 4 -7 days later.  Again, we will contact you before we come to advise of the day.

Out of City: We will be in the area in the next few weeks, we will call before we come to advise you of the day.

You completed my job yesterday, but the stump wasn’t removed?

Yes, that is correct we usually wait a week to remove the stump so that it dries out, it makes it easier for removal.

Our stump was removed yesterday, they didn’t clean up very well there are lots of chips left behind?

If they are at the site of the stump, the chips are left to fill in the hole of where the stump was.  They will fill in the hole as it settles.

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