Our Customers

The 6 Great “Truths” about our Clients

Customers are not outsiders to our business. They are the reasons for it.

Customers are not an interruption of our business. They are the sole purpose of it.

We are not doing customers a favour by being here. They do us the favour by coming to us.

Customers are the most important visitors we can ever have whether they visit us by mail, phone or in person.

Customers are not statistics. They are flesh and blood people who have feelings and emotions, have biases and prejudices and deserve courtesy and respect.

Satisfying customer’s needs and wants isn’t everything to our business…It is the only thing.

Tree Services Customers are province wide and include:







Urban Municipalities

Town, Cities and Villages

Property Owners at Cottage Country

Provincial & Regional Parks

Saskatchewan Dutch Elm Disease Association/Ministry of the Environment

To learn more please visit our Tree Services page.

Our customers include:

Small and large businesses


Property Managers



Schools and other Learning Facilities

Special Projects Customers are currently from Winnipeg and Area, however we are able to accommodate projects in other areas of the province.

We invite you to contact us for a consultation, proposal and estimate.

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