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Sawyers Tree Keepers® Program

Sawyer’s Tree Services is proud to offer our popular Tree-Keepers program to our customers. Get started today with a single up-front payment of ONLY $40! Join a growing club of home owners that have direct access to some of the most established certified ISA arborists and horticulture technicians in the province. Sawyer’s Tree Services is proud to be the only business in this industry that serves all major cities in Saskatchewan. Please note that we have recently opened a branch in Swift Current and Medicine Hat, AB.

Club Benefits

You will gain a 10% discount for all of the above services with the Tree-Keepers Club card.

We will ensure an appointment within 48 hours of you calling to book in for a quote. 

We have tree experts that have the required training, knowledge and experience to identify the most important areas of tree maintenance. This structured maintenance schedule will be a long-term benefit to your trees, shrubs and property.

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Gain access to locally grown trees & shrubs at preferential Sawyers rates.

Mature trees add up to 20% to your property value.

Trees & Shrubs improve air quality, hold pollen, dust, smoke and ash on their surface.

Time of Year: - Earlier Spring or Fall


Sawyers expert knowledge during the most crucial period of root development for plants & shrubs.

A correctly stalked tree will strengthen and thicken the trunk giving it taping from top to bottom. 

A stalked tree offers protection during summer lawn maintenance. 

Provide newly planted trees & shrubs the correct amount of nutrients while maintaining water intake.


Sawyers technological advancements to promote and ensure healthy root systems.

Keeps trees and shrubs healthy and promote good quality foliage.

Provides micronutrients such as Iron, Manganese, Systemic Insecticides and Mycorrhizae.

Time of Year: - Twice yearly, Spring and Fall


Sawyer’s arborists can spot Dead, Damaged & Diseased branches and advise how they should be professionally removed. Removing too much can harm and severely damage the tree.

Advise how to promote healthy and flowing growth.

Develop a pruning strategy to ensure trees & shrubs are treated at the correct time of year. 

Time of Year: - Late Winter, Early Spring before budding.


Sawyers specialists will maintain a mature tree in a healthy, safe and attractive condition. 

Sawyers experts will ensure the correct pruning cuts to all trees & shrubs.

Sawyer’s arborists have the training, experience and knowledge to correctly and safely remove trees & branches.

Time of Year: - All year round depending on the health of the tree or shrub.


Sawyers will assess the situation and execute a strategic plan that will safely remove the tree.

We will safely & professionally remove the hazardous tree to avoid future complications.

Tree stump requires heavy, specialized equipment to be removed successfully and safely.

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